Monday, September 19, 2016

A Bit of Fall Out Front

Happy Monday Sweet Friends

The weather is FINALLY starting to cool off
It was 106 on Sunday and 102 today
However, it is cloudy now and suppose to top off
In the 90's the rest of the week

I was able to get a little fall d├ęcor going out front
I don't have that gorgeous big house
I see so many decorating
But my humble home that I've lived in for over 21 years
And own mortgage free is beautiful to me

At the front walk
I add my little fall peeps
They greet guests with fun smiles
As they walk up to the door

My Vinca are continuing to blossom
So I just added some pumpkins
And a little Give Thanks sign

I'm happy that my fall wreath will make it through 2 years
Usually the weather destroyed them
But this one weathered the season
And is happily adorning my door

A few fall 'wooden' leaves hang next to the door

I still have a few Vinca's at the walk way as well
And I just couldn't put my lamb away
He stays out all year

Just a walk way view

And because I love her quirky smile
I added one more photo of the peep at the end

May you enjoy a beautiful week
I'm praying for rain (they say it's coming)
But I won't hold my breath - LOL

3 days to Autumn!!


  1. I love your fun scarecrows greeting guests! Everything looks very welcoming Cindy.

  2. Cute! Seems many do fall decor, but I guess I am too old to do!

  3. Lovely fall decorations. I 'might' set out a ceramic pumpkin, then again I might not. :-) Your little scarecrows are cute.

    Enjoy the fall season. Hope you get some rain and cooler temps. Your temps are much higher than ours here in s.e. FL. We've been getting rain lately, which has helped to make my overgrown gardens even more overgrown.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. Cindy, It looks so pretty at your entry. I love the line up of scarecrows. So cute. I have yet to find my autumn leaves wreath...I am kind of dragging my feet lately. Wishing you a great week. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Love your sweet home Cindy. I love the scarecrows lined up to welcome everyone. Adorable. I am still not ready to do fall just yet here. We are still in summer mode and I am enjoying these last days of summer. My flowers are still hanging on too.
    Maybe this week end I will feel like starting some decor. Have a great rest of the week.

  6. WOW, that is pretty Hot in your town! I don't have a big/fancy home and that is okay. Your front entry is fun for fall, which is my very favorite season!!! Pumpkins are so much fun to decorate with!

  7. It's been raining here for 24 hours... you can have some of it :) Miss you!

    1. I saw that you are flooded Jenn - YIKES!
      But, even so, you haven't had to deal with the HOT summer!
      It is finally starting to cool down and the nights are much more enjoyable!
      Miss you daily!
      Hope life is making you happy!!

  8. Lovely decor, and all that matters is that it is yours and that you love it. Warm Autumn Blessings, Andrea

  9. Your weather is unreal! But your little touches are adorable. I love little places. Good thing because mine is pretty small too! Wishing you cool weather!

  10. Your weather is unreal! But your little touches are adorable. I love little places. Good thing because mine is pretty small too! Wishing you cool weather!

  11. Your front entry looks very sweet and inviting, Cindy. I haven't done anything but add my front door wreath which is several years front door is a bit protected from the intense sun, so it has lasted well. I usually just tweek it a bit and call it good!

    Hope you have a good day with your youngest granddaughter!

    Warm hugs,


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