Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where I Create

Hi Sweet Friends

Today I am sharing with
For her 8th annual
Where Bloggers Create Tour

Where Bloggers Create

As you can see from the first photo
My office has a theme
If I cannot live at the beach
I'm just going to bring the beach to the Desert Southwest

The closet door in my home office/craft room
Has been replaced with a ruffled shower curtain
So much nicer than a sliding wood door

What's behind the curtain?? 
Inside I have an 8 block cubbie and my file cabinet
I keep craft paper, tools, ribbon, yarn and many other items
Neatly stored in bins as well as a few important books
Above, on the shelf are my 'old' photo albums
And many boxes of 'older' photos

I have two cabinets with closed doors
And open shelving on either side of my desk
Some decorative items as well as numerous
containers holding smaller items

Using a variety of containers helps add contrast
As well as interest
And, well, just Fun!!
Milk glass and pitchers are great for pens, pencils and markers

Jars a great for buttons, threads, ribbons
As well as sand and shells, why of course!!

An old sewing draw holds
Note pads, mini cards and check boxes

These bins have been great for
Scissors, tapes, punches, etc.
I take these to the dining room table where
They work great for the granddaughters on a craft day

This is where I create, write, pay bills and
Stare out the window at the lizards and quail
While they run up and down the block wall just outside

These are two pieces that I love
The dresser was a long ago purchase at an outlet store
While the hutch on top belongs on my desk
But I like it atop the dresser better

Although the drawers are completely filled
With crafting and wrapping items
The hutch is more of a display area
Many happy pieces that make me smile
Sit here

The area on the opposite wall
Is also filled with fun pieces that bring a smile to my face
Photos, notes, project inspirations
I call this my inspiration wall
Where bits and pieces are kept until a project is started
Boxes and my 40 year old sewing basket
Are also stored below

The opposite cabinet on the left side of my desk

And just in case you think my office is always clean
Well, Not So Much
I work and play at my desk as often as possible
And making a mess is part of the JOY of creating!!

Thank you to Karen
For allowing us to share our creative spaces
And another great link up party!

Blessings to All

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  1. Nice! Love the beach theme and I esp. love the fact that your workspace is well organized and relaxed looking. =)

  2. Loving the Beach Theme for a Tranquil ambiance to Create in! Thank You for the Tour of your lovely and Organized Creative Sanctuary. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. What a sweet space! A relaxing place to unwind, meditate and create.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  4. I love your beach theme. It's so organized. Really nice. Love the white, beachy feel. I do understand how you can create ALOT of Joy in your studio.

  5. Your space is so bright and lovely! The beach theme is perfect with the white furniture!

  6. Its a very beachy kind of place for sure. I lovely studio condusive to creativity. Thanks for sharing looks like we like the same stuff

  7. I adore the beach theme, Cindy....very tranquil and soothing. I hope you have one of those Ocean Waves CDs! I think it's so interesting to see how different we all are in what makes the "creative juices" flow. You might need to take a "chill pill" before you come over here to my happy!


  8. Hi Cindy. I love the way you start your blog tour about bringing the beach to you. Your studio is wonderful and your descriptions tell a great story. Love all of it.
    Hugs, Marrianna

  9. My dear, sweet Cindy, what a beautiful and peaceful room. The beach theme is perfect and I find it to be very soothing. LOVE the quilt on your chair and your jars of buttons and thread are just too sweet :)

    Thank you for the delightful tour of your creative space. Thinking of you, dear friend. Love and hugs!

  10. Hi Dear Friend, Well can I move in??? I love your inspiring space and the beachy theme is so refreshing. You are so organized even if you do make a mess now and then. I understand this too well haha.
    Such a peaceful and calm place to be and create. I can see many happy hours here and I know it brings you great joy. Thank you for sharing. Loved the tour!! Hugs and Blessings xo

  11. You have decided like most of us to make this a space for Happiness. Looks great! Hugs!

  12. You have a lovely workspace and I love your wooden filing cabinet, so much nicer than a metal one!

  13. The sea is what gives me calm in my creating too. So your beach studio is perfect.

  14. Ooh, I do love your dresser, all those drawers and shelves! What an amazing studio to create in, it's so pretty!

  15. Loved seeing your craft room. Very nice dresser!

  16. Your space is lovely, Cindy.
    I especially loved those jars of yours, very unique.
    I think you have it right in bringing the beach to you if you can't live on it, cleaver in deed. :)
    Your dressers are adorable!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend~~

  17. Hi Cindy, what a beautiful space!
    Your beach theme gives it such a bright and airy feel.
    Love your inspiration wall, what a sweet idea.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. My goal is to have a space as organized as yours!!

  19. Cindy, I love your special place! You have everything organized so nicely. Love the pitchers and bottles! I have that same set of red lidded jars. Your dresser and hutch is darling and love your inspiration board!

  20. Wow, like you, I love the beach. I even have a wave sound app that I have on when I go to sleep. Your workplace is inviting and I think it would be great to work in. Thanks for sharing. I'll be visiting often.

  21. Hi there Cindy! Oh wow, you have made your space so pretty! I love that your theme is the beach! Awesome! I too love glass pieces for showing off pretties! But I LOVE yours with the red tops! You did a lovely job on your room! Enjoyed seeing it! Hugs! Doni

  22. Hi Cindy, You have some amazing shaped jars for buttons - I love those. I like your cupboards, too:) Thanks for showing us your gorgeous creative space.

  23. Hello Cindy
    Oh I love your idea of bringing the beach to your studio. Everything looks so organized. Love that beautiful large white dresser! Everything nicely in its place making creating so much easier!
    Thanks for sharing it all with us and also for visiting my Etsy shop too though it is looking quite bare at the moment.

  24. You have a very lovely beachy themed room. Love you collection of jars. Thanks for sharing your inspiring room.

  25. Love the beach theme Cindy. Your creative space is fabulous. Have a great week end.

  26. Hi Cindy!! Thank you so much for joining the party!!! I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with things that make you happy and bring joy to your life! Your beach theme is wonderful. I also like how you married your dresser with your desk hutch. Things don't have to stay as they were intended. Lots if times its more interesting to switch things up!!! xoxo

  27. Hi Cindy,
    All beautifully thought out and I love your beach theme. I bet creativity flows in your lovely room. I wish I was more organized when I create ... I'm all over the house!

  28. Your hanging inspiration wall is clever!

  29. Nice. You have a wonderful space. And so pretty. I love the beach theme. I've added things I love around my creative spaces. I'm posting about my Beach Theme decorating this week. You'll have to come over. I enjoyed visiting from the linky. I'm following you. Come over and follow me. Have a good week.

  30. So very pretty, and very peaceful also. what a nice place to escape and create. Love the beachy decor and feel. All the best...

  31. Love the beach theme and the inspiration board.

  32. It's very light, airy and pretty!

  33. A lovely theme! It looks so cool and inviting and I love the curtain idea in place of a door.

    Cathy ♥

  34. You have a very inspirational working space! I am waiting for mine to be fitted out this weekend

  35. Such great ideas here! Looks like a lovely setting for being creative.

  36. Hi Cindy!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I love your space. It looks so wonderfully organized! I love your hutch! Thank you for opening your doors and letting us in for a peek.

    With gratitude,

  37. Love your space! Thank you for visiting me. We have a lot in common, like the drawer with the key holes. Maybe I'll use mine in similar way. I love love your print of the Oceans lyrics. Did you make it?

  38. I love all of the white furniture that makes all of your pretty special things stand out. So many fun ways to store your craft items to add interest and keep things organized. Love the ruffled shower curtain, it is much better than a wood door.

  39. Great space Cindy!


  40. Cindy,
    Love your creative space!! So organized! I love the fact that you took the door off the closet and hung a curtain! I was thinking of doing the same....
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  41. The beach theme is adorable! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

  42. Am late visiting but love your so very organized studio. Your beach theme is so fun and inviting. I bet you love being in here creating to your heart's content.

  43. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us, I know it's very important and personal!

  44. Cindy- these photos are so lovely. You have created a lovely haven for your crafting. Love that wonderful window and natural light... Everything seems so tidy and organized. I'm never gonna be that efficient!! Thanks for these pretty photos..


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