Monday, November 16, 2015

Estate Sale Treasures

Hi Sweet Friends

Tonight I thought I'd share a few treasures
That I found recently at an estate sale in my neighborhood

I totally fell in love with these two bunnies
They are about 20" tall
And, I think, are just adorable
They will be the centerpiece of my Easter/Spring vignettes

Almost everything else I chose had a red/white theme
Or Christmas

I picked up this sweet little step stool
I will probably keep it red for the holidays
But then it will most likely get a fresh coat of 
Annie Sloan White for spring

I got 7 or 8 brand new dish towels for $3
And a really cute metal architectural piece

Among the treasures I brought home
Were two 6-7 inch long JOY signs
(I can Never have too much JOY)
And a jar of buttons along with a baggie of buttons

I also picked up two fun spindles from an old chair
And some really sweet holiday mini clothes pins

As you can see
I was definitely in a red/white mood
Fortunately they had plenty for me to choose from

Have you found any fun treasures lately
Do share

Be watching in the days ahead for my first post on my new blog
"Loving Madi"

Blessings to All


  1. Fun finds and I think I'll be having a red/white & silver Christmas this year.

  2. I just love the rabbits! Really everything is so sweet, and you can't have too many reminders of "joy". xoox Su

  3. You really got in the red & white mood there, Cindy. What fun finds though. Good to see you out and enjoying your thrifting! xo Diana

  4. Great finds! It is always fun hunting and finding treasures.

    Looking forward to your first post of new blog.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  5. Cindy you hit the jackpot on your estate sale finds. Loving the red goodies. Seeing a lot of it this year and I'm planning red with black and white and holly for my decorating. Those bunnies are adorable.
    So glad you had some fun and got out to thrift. Looking forward to your new blog soon.
    Blessings, xo

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Such great finds. Love the bunnies they are adorable. Have a great week my friend.

  7. Wow great job!! I love those bunnies. The little Christmas things are perfect too. I haven't had any time to go out scouting lately and I miss it.


  8. Wonderful stuff you got at the estate sale

  9. Looks like you found a lot of neat things. I recognize that red step stool as being from Southern Living at Home. Do you remember that company? They sold products from a catalog at home parties? I used to be a consultant for them.

  10. You found some great finds! The estate sales out my way always seem to be expensive but your finds were great prices! We could get in trouble is we lived close going to estate sales since we'd want the same things!

  11. Looks like you found some great buys, Cindy! So nice to sense a "spark" in your writing. Sometimes Retail (or Estate Sale) Therapy is just what a girl needs!


  12. Please let me know when you start your new blog. Love and hugs, Kellan

  13. Cute stuff, Cindy. Your Easter vignette will be perfect and you can sure find Joy in a lot of places!!! Don't you love those little stools, they are so handy in the scheme of things..Have a Happy Thanksgiving..Judy P.S. I might have posted this twice. Sometimes I don't hit the button just right???

  14. The bunnies are absolutely darling Cindy! Of course I love all of the red and white. Especially the cute stool. Of course you had to buy the JOY letters!

  15. Cute, cute, cute. Love it all. And anything red and white gets my attention. xo

  16. Cute, cute, cute. Love it all. And anything red and white gets my attention. xo


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