Friday, October 24, 2014

It's My Birthday And I'll .......

...Cry If I Want To

Well, fortunately I didn't cry today
I did yesterday but NOT today

It's my birthday and I'll Celebrate if I Want To
And I Did

I work at a Pediatrics Office
Where we believe Birthday's are Special
All Staff members have the Honor of wearing our Famous Tiara
On Their Birthday

I shared it with my great niece who 
Happened to come in for her 
Annual check up
She's such a doll 

A Dozen Beautiful Roses
From the Staff

This really Cool Plant from my sister

These beautiful Chrysanthemum's from my niece
Decorated with my Tiara

My youngest son made me this awesome card
Absolutely melted my heart
And this cute scarecrow

Cards and Gift Card

The office also hosted a Super Salad Bar
**need to stay on my eating program**
Complete with tons of veggies and fresh roasted chicken

Yep, It's Great to have a Birthday

Thank you for all of the FB Wishes
And for thinking of me today


  1. You are well loved! Glad for all the ways you were/are celebrated. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! I am so happy that the office goes out of their way to celebrate in such a great way. That tiara is a fun idea and your little niece looks really cute in it- xo Diana

  3. Happy birthday, Cindy! Looks like you had a wonderful day, and received some special gifts. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Cindy. Looks like your day was filled with love and you were gifted many beautiful things. Enjoy the week end.

  5. Happy Birthday Cindy ~ I'm glad you had a lovely celebration, with friends, family, good food, sweet gifts and cards.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Sorry for late wish darling....

    Many many happy returns of the day.... god bless you.
    acting workshops Seattle

  7. Cindy, Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope it was as special as you are!

  8. What fun! Wear the tiara. We are all princesses, Daughters of the KING.

  9. Oh, Cindy, hope you had such a good birthday. Happy Birthday and I'm glad you didn't cry today. Every day we can get through without crying is one more good day. How sweet is your little niece and you certainly have a lot of people caring about you..Happy Day..Judy

  10. Happy Birthday, Cindy!!! Sounds like you were so loved on your special day...which we all need!
    Mary Alice

  11. What a sweet birthday! You definitely are loved! That's the best present of all! Have a great year!!!

  12. Happy belated birthday, Cindy!
    How sweet that everyone gifted you with such loving gifts, and cards, and time.
    Have a super week!


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