Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Treasure Hunt Finds

Tonight I thought I'd share a few of the items I purchased
during my treasure hunt weekend

But first I'd like to share a cool pay it forward
That actually happened to me today
I walked into Kohl's on my lunch break today
No intention of purchasing anything
Kohl's just happens to be in the same area that I work

Anyway, as I was walking in
An older gentleman was walking out
He wasn't paying attention to anything except a  piece of paper in his hand
I tried to move around him so he didn't crash into me
As I did he (without looking up)
Handed me the paper in his hand
I realized it was Kohl's cash
And immediately said thank you, thank you very much
He was already gone
Then I realized it was $30.00
I was so excited 
What a blessing and tonight
I'm publicly thanking whomever gave it to me
And thanking God, because I believe He is always in the details

Believe me - I do pay it forward at times

And I will continue with Joy

Now, on to my little finds

The #7 cue ball will go in my basket of red/black/white balls
A little pair of red shoes-too sweet
(I have several little red shoe photos on my pinterest board)
The coolest set of keys 
A cute little bunny

I found this neat little child's silver cup for just a couple dollars

This really nice candle holder for $2

Of course I couldn't pass up this 2 foot tall K

I cannot wait to refinish this little 3 foot mini dresser
It's going to go in my LR 
It was a bit pricey but Exactly what I needed

Fell in love with this silver plate
It has an inscription on the back dated 1971
Love it

Mostly I love the cute little feet on the bottom

Speaking of little feet these adorable shoes
Have NO idea where they will end up
But I just couldn't pass them up for $5

These will go someplace - just love them

Got these 3 tin containers for my office
Filling them up with craft supplies

Of course you know there was NO way
I was passing up this #3
I'm sure it will get a make over (paint)
And make it's way into the Kottage

And a final photo of this sweet little bunny
She's on my dining room table with her new buddy :)

Absolutely cannot wait until the next Sweet Salvage Sale Weekend
And looking forward to:
Junk in the Trunk
Show at West World in Scottsdale in May

What treasures have you found 
Gotten rid of this week


  1. Wow- You found some REALLY good finds, Cindy. Is it possible that little 3' tall dresser is a salesmen's sample? If it is-it is probably worth a few hundred dollars-but won't be if you paint it. Just wanted to mention it.

    Love that little silver cup, too! xo Diana

  2. That mini dresser caught my eye too and I would not touch it as the patina is part of it's character. Does it have dovetail joints? That piece is a real jewel in my book.

    You got some nice other goodies too.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Fantastic treasures! Love them all. Thanks for stopping by ;-)

  4. Cindy, what fantastic finds! I especially love the 'K' (I might have to steal it for hubby Keith ;)
    and those canisters are really fun!


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