Monday, May 20, 2013

Impressive (or) 'Mystery Diagnosis' Worthy

Here's the latest on my mom's health!

It seems that my mother is super impressive or will be the next 'guest' on the hit show 'Mystery Diagnosis'.

We went to see her ENT surgeon on Thursday to have tubes removed and a check up on the surgical location.  While we were they the doctor told us that the pathologist who has been working on mom's tissues, which were removed from her brain stem, is unable to diagnose her. He has pretty much ruled out cancer but still cannot put any 'name' to the affected tissues.

It was discussed and a decision was made to send all of her tissues to John's Hopkins for further evaluation. Sending them to a research hospital may, in fact, give us some answers as to what is growing and disintegrating her skull.

Further, if we do not find some 'cause' then doctors are unable to treat her and eventually the 'stuff' will eat her entire skull away. Ummmm...the last I heard you kind of need a skull to protect your brain.

So our prayer is that God will work with the pathologists who receive mom's brain tissues and help them to find the exact 'abstract stuff' that is causing her skull to disintegrate and that once a diagnosis has been found, they are able to treat the problem.

I suppose we have another week or two to wait. In the meantime, mom is still staying with me and recovering day by day.

Thank you for your love and prayers!!

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