Monday, April 29, 2013

A long overdue restoration update

It was my intent to update my total mouth restoration
Every quarter
Oh well...

The above photo was taken July 18, 2011
The day I had my braces put on
At age 52

This was taken tonight
Now at 54
21 months into my total mouth restoration
I am SO excited with the progress
My teeth look really yellow; it's just the color in the photo...
However, since you cannot use any type
Of teeth whiteners while you have braces
I will admit
I can't wait to get them off
And have my teeth Whitened :)
Only a few more months.....
I hope!!


  1. Cindy, I had mine put on two weeks ago at age 56! I wore a mouth splint for a year to reposition my jaw due to Temporomandibular disorder. Now my jaw is in the right place, but my teeth don't match up quite right. I will wear braces for a year and look forward to looking as nice as you do! Jan Haugh

  2. Million dollar smile! Can't wait to see the finished product.



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