Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Graffiti ... Release Date 11/26/2012

I only had 4 dollars and change left until payday
But he spoke to my heart
The homeless man seated on the bench
Whom I had seen everyday for a week

I'd never stopped
Never spoken to him
But something this day
Begged for connection

Asking if he was hungry
My heart almost sank
For if he said yes
Would I have enough to buy him lunch?

In fact he was hungry
I quickly went back into the store
Purchased a freshly made sandwich
From the deli and something to drink

I sat down
Gave him his lunch
I trusted God to provide
I never saw that man again

Was he an angel in disguise?
Did God want to know if I trusted HIM?
Stepping beyond myself
Reaching out to someone different

That is what 'Graffiti' is all about
Stepping beyond self
Trusting God for baby steps
Reaching out to someone
From the other side of the street
(or 'tracks' as we called it)
Has beautifully captured
God's heart toward All manner of people
No matter what side of the street they hale

Two perfectly woven stories
With one common purpose
Helping us to open our eyes
To live life on both sides of the street
Encouraging all to live a life that matters

Dare to be different
Dare to take steps of faith
Dare to reach out
Dare to care

This beautiful short e-book releases on November 26, 2012

You will be Glad You Did!!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! This week it's free on Amazon if anyone wants to take advantage.


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