Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday's and Eternity

22 months ago today
On a Beautiful Christmas Eve Morning
At 8:02 am
My seemingly perfect life
Took a dramatic turn
As I walked into my living room
To find my Mark
Had passed from this life into eternity

1 year ago today
I took the day off work
To try and figure out how to celebrate my birthday
For the first time in 30 years
Without my Mark

It turned out to be a horrific day
Of loneliness and extreme sadness
I even ended up at the human society
To adopt myself a puppy
I love that little 22 month old guy
Who just happened to be born the day
My Mark met Jesus face to face
But truthfully
I didn't want to end up with Another puppy today:)

On my Birthday
I went to work and was totally spoiled by the staff

They made to feel like a princess
And even wear a tiara

I work with the greatest staff/friends
And an employer who has walked by my side
These past 22 months

It was a terrific day
And instead of adopting a dog
I was selfish and purchased one of THESE

Tonight I was bless to have dinner
With my kiddos
I am So Blessed

Every day for the passed 22 months
I have missed my Mark terribly
Every day for the passed 22 months
I have longed for eternity

But today
I am grateful for today
For the here and now
For the Hope of eternity with Jesus
For the opportunity to share my Jesus with others
And for my new Epiphanie Bag

My Epiphanie Bag
Will be sold for a couple dollars at a garage sale

Others will meet Jesus face to face
Because of Today!!!!


  1. Great post Cindy, so glad you had a great day. I certainly related to so much of what you were saying. God is showing me little by little that I must go on and that it is ok to go on (I argue with him over that alot). One step at a time we are growing stronger.

  2. Oh Cindy, I see so much growth in your journey. I am sure there are still some incredibly difficult days, but you are growing and blossoming and just shining.

    On my blog on Monday I will be introducing a new series that you might be interested in participating in. Hop over on Monday and check it out. I bet you would have something wonderful to offer to it.

  3. Loving it Cindy! :)
    So glad this Birthday was a day to remember with smiles and not so many tears! :) I love you girl! ♥


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