Sunday, July 25, 2010

Double The Blessing

Hi Peeps and Welcome to my Blog

My weekend was filled with preparations and
fun times with family and friends

as we enjoyed a very special

Double Baby Shower

Both my daughter-in-love and

my sister's daughter are expecting

little girls within the next 7-8 weeks

So we have a wonderful double blessing

just about to enter our lives

Cake on the left for Baby Katie
My Granddaughter

Cake on the right for Baby Elliana
My sister's Granddaughter

My (so very talented) sister created these

Cry Babies out of diapers and baby clothes

As well as made each of the girls a lap quilt

Melissa opens a gift from me

While Amber opens a gift from her mom

Both of our girls also have girls

Kori and Gabbie are cousins

And best of friends

We are praying that Katie and Ellie

will be just as close:)

Kori helps Melissa cut Katies' cake

While Gabbie and Zach help
Amber cut Ellies' cake

Later that same day...

After a day of playing and swimming these girlies

Needed some energy so they ate the cake toppers

I wonder if either of them slept?

We serve an amazing God

And I am one Nana who feels blessed beyond words

As we prepare to meet both Katie and Elliana

Considering Being A Nana with my Sister With Great Joy,



  1. So bummed I couldn't be there! Those cakes and cry babies look AMAZING! Love, Anne

  2. This is a double blessing for sure! Loved peeking in on you and yours.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



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