Monday, January 25, 2010

The Rained In Vacation!

Have you ever been disappointed when your plans got 'rained on' and a door was closed and then been pleasantly surprised when God opened the view to His plan? Well, that is what happened to me this past week.

My husband and I have been planning a long awaited, way overdue vacation to see his mom.

As the days drew nearer to our departure the weather both here in AZ and our destination near Lake Tahoe became rainy and snowy (did I say rainy and snowy? I meant RAINY and SNOWY). We desperately wanted to go on our trip but wisdom told us otherwise and we cancelled the vacation.

My heart was pouting until God spoke: Cindy, you need to rest!

Truly, I felt that driving 700 miles in one day and spending 3 days with his mom, visiting various friends, celebrating a birthday, going to a 40 year retirement party, then driving 700 miles home on another day was restful, don't you?

Well, I guess God didn't either!

This past year, since Mark officially 'retired' from work (actually went on disability), I have run myself ragged working and trying to keep the family afloat financially. When God said rest, He meant rest.

God blessed my socks off because I quit pouting and did just as He said.

I enjoyed time with my son, helping him clean his closet and re-organize his room. I enjoyed time with my hubby, shopping, going out to meals, cooking together, puttzing around the house, watching Barrett/Jackson, making silly fantasy bids, and truly laughing at and with each other. I took naps and stayed in my jammies most of the time.

Sunday all the kids came over to eat and watch some football, what a fun and relaxing afternoon we all had. I was able to spend some quality time with my daughter-in-love and do some baking together with her and my granddaughter while the guys built a toy box. I was able to make an official announcement that the kids are expecting a baby in late September. Oh, the joy we had!!

And then today I was able to spend 5 wonderful hours alone working in my home office, getting tax papers ready while listening to a wonderful 'A Woman Inspired' Webinar!

I am well rested and ready to go back to the office tomorrow!

God took what could have been a very discouraging 5 days and made beautiful things happen. No visitors, no phone calls, no cards in the mail or words of encouragment, which under normal circumstances is very discouraging to me, but God cheered my weary heart and gave me strength to run the race.

Here are just a few shots taken this past few days.

Brass Armadillo
40,000 sq ft of antiques
This is my find of the day
The cutest pencil sharpener ever!

Kori and Melissa preparing the Rocky Road Fudge - Andrew's favorite!


Andrew and Mark playing Carpenter!!!

Not finished YET!!!

Happy kids ~~~ Happy Grandparents!!

Matthew took a sabbatical from the camera, but he was here!

Considering a Rained~In Vacation Very Joyful,


  1. Aww, this is so cute!!! I am glad you were able to relax, this does everybody good. Vacations do bring good memories, but it is also not relaxing at all if you are the traveler(:

    I love the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, maybe that would be a nice cruise for a later vacation?

  2. Rocky Road Fudge sounds good. I've never had it. I love the ice cream though.

    You are right that most vacations even without all that driving are not restful. Many joke how we need a vacation after a vacation. Unless you do it right like YOU did. So glad you can come back to work truly rested and not just vacationed out.

  3. So glad that your disappointment turned out to be just what you needed in the end. Isn't God good? I actually love those times and we all need them but usually don't take them anymore...there's a reason for the Sabbath...a whole week of it if we need it! Sounds like you had a great time with your family...nothing beats that!

    Love you, Connie

  4. Gods plans are always BEST! Glad you had a wonderful, relaxing and fun time! Oh, and by the way, where is my Rocky Road Fudge?:)

  5. Love it!! what 1a great vacation! sometimes my favorite vacations with NAthan is just when he is home. I love the pictures and the rocky road fudge....yum-o...where is mine??? I love you.

  6. Looks like too much fun! Thanks for sharing those cute pics. Blessings my friend.


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