Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here I Am...

Awake: at 2:45 AM

Eating: Ritz Crackers - my tummy is upset

Listening: to the wind blow outside my office window

Wondering: why I cannot go to sleep

Wearing: a really cute red long sleeved night shirt

Happy: that my son is getting married in 5 weeks

Sad: that my life has changed so much and I just can't seem to find the joy I used to have

Piled: on my desk, three weeks of mail that I just can't find the time to tend to

Peace: where did it go, my heart is so restless

Weight Loss: are you kidding me

Ice Cream: that's probably why I am still awake

FarmVille: I think that is where I will go now

Considering Life with Questions,

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